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Marco grew up just north of Toronto in a lower middle class family. His dad worked the tools as a painter and his mom was a homemaker. He is the middle child to an older brother and a younger sister. He is a dad to an awesome son, who makes him laugh, inspires him and always peaks his interest with his perspective on life. Marco has an amazing partner who he adores respect's and who keeps him motivated to be better. Now, on to the music. Marco is a Canadian fingerstyle guitarist, singer & songwriter. His music is influenced by many genres including flamenco, rock, contemporary, classical and a pinch of the blues.

It has been 12 years since he stopped composing, recording and performing music. In 2019, Marco reached out to a guitar luthier friend who he met years ago, and asked him to build a custom flamenco negra guitar. He did and it was completed and delivered to Marco in March 2020. From the moment that he played it, he immediately fell back in love with playing the guitar. 


Marco's love affair with playing the guitar started when he was 15 years old. He has played in several rock bands throughout the years and decided to venture off on his own as a solo artist in the early 2000s. Marco's debut album "Something About You" was recorded and released in Canada in 2002 and released in Japan in late 2004 on the JVC Victor label. The first radio release "Something About You" reached #1 in Nagoya and Tokyo in 2005, held on in the top 10 position for six weeks and appeared on more than two dozen Japanese music charts. In Canada, the CD was distributed through select Chapters / Indigo locations and promoted through in-store live performances.

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